Multiple Drug Charges in Clinton

   Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Manufacturing Meth in Proximity of a Child were two of the charges served on five suspects by Clinton Public Safety, in connection with drug investigations this week. The five are charged in connection with an alleged meth lab found at 304 Davis Street Monday, accused also of knowingly permitting a child to be in an environment where drug paraphernalia and volatile, toxic and flammable chemicals are stored for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine.

  These suspects are 36-year-old Dawn Eubanks Strange of 304 Davis Street,Clinton, 23-year-old Joshua Wayne Eubanks of 304 Davis Street,Clinton,

34-year-old Russell Lee Ivester of 108 Mary Street, Clinton, 22-year-old Rebecca Sue McWatters of 405 Francis Street, Clinton and 28-year-old Ashley Nicole Eubanks of 612 Little Acres Road, Clinton.

  Charged with Trafficking In Methamphetamine were Dawn Eubanks Strange, Ashley Nicole Eubanks and Joshua Wayne Eubanks. In addition, 28-year-old Ashley Nicole Eubanks and 23-year-old Joshua Wayne Eubanks were charged with Receiving Stolen Goods, accused of being in possession of a digital camera stolen from 107 Oakland Street.

  These suspects remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning, bonds were set at $139,500 on Joshua Wayne Eubanks, $135,000 for Dawn Eubanks Strange, $110,000 for Russell Lee Ivester, $107,000 for Ashley Nicole Eubanks

    A sixth person is now also facing drug charges, after being initially served with a Shoplifting warrant from Laurens City Police. 43-year-old Tommy Wayne McWatters of 405 Francis Street was charged with shoplifting at Wal-Mart on October 24th. He was being held earlier today for Clinton Public Safety for charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Improper Disposal of Meth Waste and Simple Possession of Marijuana.