The Top 10 reasons to adopt a rescue dog instead of purchasing a puppy.

#10… Most rescue dogs are housebroken and puppies are not. With that being said, pour some cold apple juice on the carpet and walk around barefoot in the dark. That’s what its like with a puppy. 

#9…   Intact underwear and shoes, puppies chew. Be prepared to wear a sock to work with the toe shredded. 

#8…    You will get a good night sleep with a rescue dog. A puppy will whine and can be very demanding at 2, 4 & 6am. 

#7…    Cheaper and easier vet trips, puppies need a series of shot and a rescue is ready to go. 

#6…    With a rescue dog what you see is what you get. Puppies are cute and cuddly but they grow up. 

#5…   A rescue dog will not teeth on your children and furniture. 

#4…   Puppy love is appealing; they are so cute but can grow up to be hyperactive. With a rescue dog you’ll know his temperament.

#3…   A rescue dog is an instant companion you can take him everywhere and he’s ready to ride. With a puppy you have to wait to he grows up. 

#2…   With a rescue dog you can come home and relax with your new best friend. With a puppy you have to come home and clean up messes. 

#1…   Not only will you get a great pet, it will make Randy happy to receive the call for animal control stating Jerry has a new home!