More on Meth Arrests

  We reported yesterday on a list of charges filed charging several Clinton residents with Methamphetamine Manufacture. Today, we have more details form a Police report that notes officers obtained a search warrant to search for stolen properly and arrived at 304 Davis Street around 8:22 Monday night. While searching the home for a stolen camera, they reportedly found a backpack at the foot of a bed in the back bedroom. When it was opened, officers report they found strainers, drain cleaner, pipes, tubing, cold packs and baggies. Due to finding items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, the search for the camera was ceased and officers obtained another search warrant to search for drugs. Four adults and a male juvenile in the house were placed in investigative detention. These adults were among those later charged with Manufacturing that we’ve already reported. 

 Officers noted a long list of items seized from the residence from this search. Items ranged from bottles of Drano and liquid fire to baggies and even a jewelry box reportedly containing suspicious residue.

  Clinton Public Safety included the charge Receiving Stolen Goods on at least two of the six people charged in the drug case. We now know that someone has also been charged with stealing the camera. 25-year-old James Victor Couey of#5 107 Oakland Street was charged Tuesday with

Petit Larceny, accused of taking a Cannon Power Shot digital camera from107 Oakland Street with intent to deprive the owner of the camera. Mr. Couey was released from custody on a $470 PR bond.