Top Ten Things Learned from the Election

 #10… I learned that a lot more people than I would have ever imagined want to be Sheriff of Laurens County.

 #9 … I learned that almost anyone can afford a whole bunch of colorful cardboard signs to plaster their names all over the county.   

 #8 … I learned that the smearing of fecal matter on campaign signs does not necessarily cut down on the effectiveness of that sign.

 #7 … I learned that the world almost never ends with an election, although it seems to many that it will.

 #6 …I observed how normally peaceful people can become agitated and rather combative. . 

 #5…I learned that the vote seldom settles serious issues.

 #4 …I learned that perhaps it’s not a good idea to trust Newt Gingrich. You may recall him saying Romney would win by a landslide. I believe Randy believed him, too.

 #3 …I learned that people will make great sacrifice to vote, even when they know their side is going to loose.

 #2 …I learned that the jobs we’re so proud of can run quite well when we’ve taken time off to vote. And I suspect this would be the case if we just took off and toured the country for a few weeks.  

 # 1 …I learned how many, many people make money by talking about politics. One wonders if this could be the reason the employment rate improves right before election time. I had always thought it was just the President manipulating the numbers.