Clinton Council Approves Projects

    An abandoned and dilapidated house at 201 Bailey Street in Clinton will soon disappear.  City Manager Frank Stovall told the Mayor and Council during Monday’s Council meeting that the city had made every attempt to contact the property owner about the property but had no success.  He recommended that the house be demolished and he had already received a bid for the job.

  Council then approved a bid of $6,272.50 for the demolition and removal of the house.  He told council that the city would place a lien on the property.  If the property is ever sold the city can recover the expense incurred in removing the house.

  In other expenditures, Council approved the acquisition of two small parcels of land in order to make some adjustments to the new frontage road.  Mr. Stovall told council that as it stands now tractor trailers can’t really use the frontage road.  The angle required to turn on either end of the road is not sufficient to accommodate an 18 wheeler.

    One property owner simply required the city to move a business sign in exchange for thirty-nine hundredths of an acre.  A price not to exceed $2,000 was approved by council for the purchase of another small strip (2/10 of an acre) to be used for the same purpose.

   And finally, council approved an expense of $18,917.35 for surveillance equipment to be used by the Clinton Department of Public Safety.  That expenditure actually has no financial impact on the city’s budget. The funds were a part of a federal law enforcement grant.