Top Ten Bad Ideas

#10…It’s a bad idea for the “PO-PO” to charge a $2,500 fine for a kid who peed in his own front yard.

 #9 …Visiting Elmo’s Crab Shack, especially without taking certain safety precautions.

 #8 … In one small town in our local area, they’ve learned it may be a bad idea for the police to hassle a man about parking his truck in the street. He may run for Mayor and have a change in the top.  

 #7 …It’s a very bad idea to drive around Laurens County at night and not keep careful watch for critters in, or about to be in, the roadway.

 #6 …If you’re having a lot of fun with your friends at a party, and are consuming quantities of adult beverages, it is a very bad idea to try to drive yourself home.

 #5…In at least one household I know of around here, it is a very bad idea to leave the door open to your house in the summertime. That is, unless you don’t mind sharing your house with snakes. 

 #4 …It is a bad idea not to check your phone after your daughter-in-law has “helped you” by changing some settings. Otherwise, you may get the idea that a fire truck is driving into your house.

 #3 …It’s a bad idea to get the idea that being free means being free to do just whatever you want, like run around town naked. I don’t know, but there might be a law about that.

 #2 …It may be a bad idea to believe Randy Stevens when he makes a prediction about election results for the President. Not only did Romney not win in a landslide, he didn’t win at all. In fact, the land almost slid the other way! 

 # 1 …If you win a bet with Randy about who’s going to win in a political campaign, it’s a bad idea to have him take you to the India Palace to pay off his debt. Two words, my friends: gastric distress!