Sleeping Woman Awakened, Arrested

  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Highway 308 outsideClintonat 5:45 yesterday morning on a report of a suspicious vehicle parked outside a business on the highway. When Deputy Michael Crockett arrived, he observed a woman inside slumped in the seat as if sleeping. After being awakened, she indicated she had run out of gas and was waiting on her uncle to advise her as to what she should do. Meanwhile, the deputy received information that the woman had charges pending fromGreenvilleCounty, and that her driver’s license was suspended. During continued investigation, the Sheriff’s Office reportedly discovered small pouches in the woman’s purse. One of them reportedly contained several syringes. Three others had some sort of substance inside and the woman was placed in investigative custody. The Sheriff’s Office eventually charged her with Possession of Methamphetamine. 

   32-year-old Karen Lynn Lewis of225 Susan Lynn Drive, Laurens was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine. She remained in theJohnsonDetentionCenterthis morning for a court appearance on that charge, and was also being held forGreenvilleCounty, where they have a Bench Warrant citing her conviction January 26, 2012 for a Fraudulent Check violation.