Top Ten Other Love Affairs Than Should Have Made the News

#10… Dennis Rodman and Rosanne Barr. We really feel for the love child from this unfortunate liaison.  A very confused child. We understand it’s now a 9th grader that’s good at basketball but cannot sing a single note. We wish the best for this poor child as it tries to land a Reality TV show. We understand he has an agent and now lives somewhere in the Chicago area. We here at WLBG wish he, she or it the very best.

 #9 … Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Mier and General Charles DeGaulle. He was quite a lover, being French, you know.  

 #8 … Lawrence of Arabia and Susie, his loyal camel. You know, it gets cold at night in the desert.

 #7 … Ray Charles and Eleanor Roosevelt 

 #6 …The Mayor of Mountville and Madeline, his favorite Pet Goat.

 #5  … Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright and now VP Joe Biden

 #4 … Keith Richards and Nancy Polosi. It was a long time ago. Did you realize that, way back then,Nancy used to be a real big rock fan. There was a time when the Rolling Stones played San Francisco. A haze of pot smoke hovered over backstage and, well…Keith Richards was never the same afterwards. He took to strong drink, and who could blame him.

 #3 …Luciano Pavarotti and Julia Child. You know, Mr. Pavarotti always enjoyed wine and good food. We understand he was attracted by the huge salad Julia had made in her bath tub, just swimming in olive oil and vinegar. Well, one thing led to another…next thing you knew, bread sticks and radishes were flying everywhere!

 #2 … Big Bird and Miss Piggie, from Sesame Street. Don’t ask me about logistics, please. I don’t understand  it, either.  

  1 …Elmo P. Arbogooble and former UPI Correspondent Helen Thomas