Council Votes to Build “Spec” Building near ZF

   Laurens County Council voted last night to build a “Spec” building. The action came after council returned from an executive session discussion on an economic development matter. Councilman David Pitts made the motion to authorize Laurens County to pursue a joint venture with a public utility company in conjunction with the Laurens County Development Corporation. The new building is to be built on an existing pad in the Owings Industrial Park.

Before the vote, Joe Wood said he strongly objects to putting LaurensCounty in a 1 ½ million dollar debt with the current economic condition of the county. He said “this is totally speculative. This county is not in the building business; that needs to be left to private enterprise.” Ted Nash said “we can’t borrow ourselves into prosperity.” Noting he thinks it’s something good, and that the development corporation has done some good work, he said he didn’t understand everything about it and would abstain.

   Councilman David Pitts said “I appreciate the comments from all council members. I believe this is a proactive measure on the county’s part that will provide a product for economic development.” Pitts noted that with the “Spec” building’s close proximity to the new ZF plant, “It’s a positive, a win-win situation.”

   Council members Jim Coleman, Diane Anderson and Ed McDaniel agreed and the motion passed with 4 “yes” votes, 1 “no” and 1 “abstention.”