Arrest after Opening Door for Groceries

   Laurens County Sheriff’s Officers went to a location on Allen Bridge Road in Upper Laurens County at 10 yesterday morning looking for information about the location of some wanted subjects. Deputies knocked on doors and windows for several minutes with no response. As the officers were about to leave, a woman drove up, indicating she was bringing groceries for the homeowner. They followed her and noted observing people looking out of the windows as the woman with the groceries showed up. When the door was opened for her, officers were admitted inside. They reported finding a man and a woman and three juvenile children in the residence at 1395 Allen Bridge Road. While Lt. Jawarski Shelton was questioning the woman, Lt. Robert Wilkie and others were questioning the man in another room. They reported observing a red and black backpack with a combination lock in the room. The man reportedly replied that it contained his tattooing equipment. After he unlocked and opened the backpack for the deputies, they allegedly found a pink container that had an off-white rock-like substance inside that tested positive as crack cocaine. The man stated he didn’t know how it got inside his bag. 

   Based on the amount of the alleged Crack Cocaine, deputies then arrested 25-year-old Justin Dion Browning of 116 Law Street, Woodruff, charging him with Possession of Crack Cocaine With Intent to Distribute. Justin Browning was being held in the county detention center overnight with a bond hearing expected this morning.