County Extends Blue Law Exemption

   The Christmas Shopping Season gets underway in earnest one week from today with “Black Friday,” considered the biggest shopping day of the year. One of the areas where local government here in Laurens County attempts to help stores in our area compete with those in larger neighboring counties is to allow them to compete with hours of operation on Sundays. Larger towns can permanently eliminate certain restrictions of Sunday Blue laws, but locally, we’re limited to easing up on the rules that limit hours of operation to only up to six months at a time. Earlier this week, Laurens County Council took its twice-a-year move of doing just that. County approved an extension of Ordinance 686 which will temporarily suspends enforcement of the Sunday Blue Laws in the unincorporated areas of the county for six months.

   Laurens and Clinton City Councils usually do the same thing every six months.


   County Council also approved a resolution honoring Jim Williams of Laurens, a barber who has operated Williams Barber Shop at the same location on Fleming Street in Laurens for sixty years, as of December 1st. It was also noted that Jim Williams also served as a member of the Laurens County Election Commission.

 At another point in Tuesday night’s meeting, County Administrator Ernie Segars expressed appreciation to the Election Commission, its staff and all the volunteers who worked so hard to handle a good voter turnout with a minimal of problems. Segars noted that Laurens County was able to handle the voter turnout without some of the more serious problems seen in other counties. We’ll have more on this next week as we talk with the County Elections Director on our morning interview.