Don’t Wake Grumpy!

   Laurens County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Crockett was dispatched to a Dillard Road, Waterloo address at 12:16 this morning, where a man said he would be waiting to speak with a deputy about being assaulted. EMS was also dispatched to attend to the man, after the area was secured by the deputy. On arrival, Deputy Crockett was approached by a man with some minor injuries to his arm, neck and back. He told of being asleep when another man came into the room and jumped him in his sleep. The Deputy then went to another Dillard Road address and talked with the other man, who was apparently intoxicated. This man had some injuries to his nose and on his arms. He said he had gone into the room where the first man was sleeping and woke him up, asking for a light, and that the awakened man became agitated and aggressive. The deputy talked with the second man’s juvenile son, who had been asleep on a top bunk above the sleeping first man, who said his Dad had come in the room and asked for a light, and the two had argued, and it then became physical.

  Once the whole story had been told, deputies determined neither men wanted to go to jail, and neither wanted to press charges on the other. Meanwhile, the first man wanted EMS to transport him to the hospital for additional treatment of his injuries.