One Thing Leads to Another…

   There were no major DUI arrests noted in the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force Traffic Safety checkpoints held in the city of Laurens last night from 7 to 11 pm. Most tickets issued were for charges like Driving Under Suspension or Open Container.

   There was one assault case made that reportedly had a connection to a traffic checkpoint, however.

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to East Man at 10:34 pm, where a woman went to a son’s home after an alleged altercation with her younger son at her home. She reportedly had injuries that included a laceration on her forearm that was bleeding. Officers were informed that the younger son had been with someone who got into trouble at a Traffic Safety Checkpoint on Highway 14. He was reportedly angry that his mother would not pick him up. During an alteration when he returned home, his mother reportedly fell and cut her arm on a vent in the floor. EMS responded and treated the woman, then advised her to seek additional treatment in the ER.

  Police went to Owings Street and talked with the younger son then took him into custody. 17-year-old Ryan Nathaniel Carroll of 311 Owings Street, Laurens was being held in the Johnson Detention Center overnight for a charge of Assault and Battery 3rd Degree.