Top Ten Possible Career Paths for General David Petraeus

 #10…Harlequin Romance Novel writer. Who wouldn’t want a book on romance by him?

 #9 … Traveling Evangelist.  Get a big tent, add a blues piano and a story told with real tears, it all equals Big Offerings! 

 #8 … Porn Star. Move to California and with a little on-the-job training, you have “Debbie Does Denver” starting Dave “The General” Petraeus! 

 #7 …Sales.  In Toyota’s newly-formed Tank Division. The General has connections! 

 #6 …TV Spokesman for the Apple I-Phone 5.  He has real world experience, Randy. This man speaks with authority on so many levels. 

 #5  …Bartender/Owner in Washington, DC. Think about it: Conversations late at night. Then, “you think you’ve got a hard-luck story? Take a drink and let me tell you mine!” 

 #4 … Private Investigator. Randy, he’d know what to look for.

 #3 …NASCAR Driver. Soft spoken, hard driving, ready for a fight after the race. Very popular in NASCAR circles, Randy.

 #2 … Contestant on Survivor. He’d bring two new elements to the show. He can kill the other contestants and he can drive a tank.

 # 1 …A Candidate for President of the United States.  Everyone knows his name. It reminds us of the good times during the Clinton Administration.