Women in Wal-Mart Sprayed with Cleaning Solution

    A report of people being sprayed with cleaning solution dispatched Laurens City Police to Wal-Mart on East Main at 6:23 last evening. A dispatch noted two males had sprayed several females with battery acid cleaner. Officers located the two suspects in the loss prevention office, where a store employee indicated the two males became very rude with him as he spoke with them about the spraying incident. Officers confirmed that a 16-year-old male suspect was on trespass notice to stay out of the store. It was determined that he was not at fault in last evening’s spraying incident, and  due to his age he was released to his parent and escorted from the premises. Two females who were reportedly sprayed in the incident said they were acquainted with the two male subjects, but didn’t know them personally. The females said didn’t want to press charges in the spraying incident. A 20-year-old Laurens man, believed to have been the one who actually sprayed the cleaning solution on the two women, was required to pay for the solution he had sprayed. He was then placed on Trespass notice to stay out of the store and escorted from the premises.