Drug Trafficking & Distribution Charges

  A Clinton man is facing multiple Drug charges and firearms violations following his arrest by Clinton Public Safety on Friday. He is charged in multiple warrants from Detective Tyrone Goggins. Clinton Public Safety placed 26-year-old Sir Prince Williams of 411 South Livingston Street, Clinton in the Johnson Detention Center Saturday.

   He is charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Possession With Intent to Distribute within Proximity of a School, accused of having over 800 grams of marijuana in his possession November 16th with intent to distribute. This allegedly occurred at 411 South Livingston Street, within a half mile of Bell Street Middle School.

  He is also charged with Trafficking Crack Cocaine and Trafficking Crack Cocaine within Proximity of a School. He is accused of having over 10 grams of crack cocaine in his possession at 411 South Livingston Street within the City Limits of Clinton Friday, November 16th, which is in proximity of Bell Street Middle School.

   Williams was also charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm from last Friday. He allegedly had .38-Caliber Kel-Tecl Semi-Automatic handgun in his possession at 411 SouthLivingston. The warrant states that it is unlawful for Williams to possess a handgun.

   Sir Prince Williams was also charged with Distribution of Crack Cocaine 2nd and Distribution Within Proximity of a School from an alleged undercover drug operation earlier in the month. Detective Goggins alleges that Willaims sold crack cocaine to a confidential informant at 411 South Livingston November 8th 2012, this being within proximity of Bell Street Middle School

   Sir Prince Williams remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with bonds totaling $190,000 on the eight charges served on him.