Calm Down, Lady

    Laurens City Police were dispatched to Pridmore Street at 10:40 last night and reportedly arrived to observe a woman standing outside screaming “** you, half that ** in there is mine.” officers attempted to talk with her and asked her to calm down and stop yelling. She reportedly then yelled “** this ***, just take me to jail. I’m gonna press ***ing charges, too!” Officer Craven then went inside to talk with the man of the house while Officer Ashley stood by with the woman outside. Officer Craven was shown numerous broken pictures and broken glass in the dining room, and was advised that the woman had broken the items. The officer also reportedly observed a broken table, a china cabinet with glass broken, and ash trays on the floor. The man reportedly didn’t want to press charges for the malicious damage. 20-year-old Shanice Kierra Watts of 103 Pridmore Street, Laurens was arrested on a Public Disorderly Conduct charge, and was being held overnight in theJohnsonDetentionCenter.