Garbage Dumped at Recycling Center

   The City of Laurens Recycling Center crew had some extra work when they returned yesterday from the Thanksgiving Holiday. Some people had dumped their regular household garbage in the center. City Streets and Sanitation Director Kerwin Tribble told WLBG News that this happens after Holidays, when the center is closed an extra two days.

    Tribble told us that they don’t recycle tin cans that food is purchased in. “We don’t recycle those. Aluminum cans that we recycle are actually drink cans, aluminum drink cans.”

   One major category of items that are recycled consists of paper products. “Your regular paper, particularly newspaper, just regular old loose leaf paper, magazines, things of that nature.”  

   Then there’s plastic, but not necessarily any plastic. “If you look on the bottom of any recyclable plastic container there’s going to be a number with the little recycling logo on it that pretty much tells you whether it’s recyclable or not.”   

    There’s also a large receptacle for cardboard at the recycling center. The center is at the corner of Caroline and Hampton Streets, Downtown Laurens.

     Kerwin Tribble stressed the importance of separating the various recyclable materials before delivery to the center. He also confirmed that the city would prosecute if someone is caught dumping regular household garbage at the center.

     Tribble said the City ofLaurensdoes not recycle glass.