Got to Have Those Cigarettes!


  Laurens City Police Sgt. Joey Pittman was dispatched to a residence on Fairview Road at 10:41 last night, and reported arriving to hear a man inside the apartment yelling profanity at a woman. Once the officer was inside, the man reportedly told the officer the argument had started over cigarettes. The woman said the man had to leave. The man was offered a place to stay elsewhere. Sgt. Pittman went back in the apartment to get his phone, work clothes and cigarettes. The man said those were not his clothes. When he was escorted back into the apartment to get his clothing, he allegedly grabbed the woman’s cigarettes and the argument was back on again. The man allegedly began hurling more expletives towards the woman. At that point, around 11:25pm, Sgt. Pittman arrested 42-year-old Anthony Charquis Burton of 304 Fairview Road #4, Laurens on a Breach of Peace charge. Mr. Burton was being held overnight in theJohnsonDetentionCenter.