School Board Updated on Funds

  Laurens County District 55 School Trustees received an update on one form of education funding at their meeting earlier this week. Tara Dean gave an evaluation on the Stem Grant, noting it is a teacher development program that is funded by the State Department of Education to improve teacher math and science content knowledge. This grant has been awarded during the last three school years.

    In other business, the District 55 School Board received first reading of new policy revisions which include how to conduct meetings. Superintendent Dr. Billy Strickland said the change was necessary due to a State Court of Appeals ruling in June, which states that public bodies, like school boards, cannot amend their agenda during a meeting. Strickland said the policy does stated that in cases where it is absolutely necessary to make a change, such as when an emergency or urgent situation arises, any agenda change should be made prior to the meeting and should be posted promptly. Rules regarding altering the order of the agenda are not acted by the Court decision

    Chief Financial Officer Rodney Smith made a financial report to the District 55 Trustees Monday night, noting a Balance with the treasurer of $2,909,830. He noted the monthly report for October showed a deficit of $1.8 million. Superintendent Strickland noted that the cash flow situation is about to get better, point out that the month of December has a high amount of property tax payments, bringing the district’s financial situation into better shape.