Dedication Ceremony Sunday at Hospital

 A 45,000 square foot addition to the Laurens County Hospital is nearing completion. The Laurens County Health Care System is holding a Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new wing this Sunday afternoon at 12:30, followed by Open House,Tours and Heavy Refreshments. County residents are invited to bring family and friends for the special event, noting the system is Embracing a New Era with the opening of the Women’sLifeCenterand a new Emergency Services center.

  We asked Laurens County Health Care C.E.O. Rich D’Alberto what he considers the primary advantage of the new Emergency Rooms.

“The biggest advantage is having the space to be able to accommodate the 30,000 visits a year. And one of the unique things is the ability to have behavioral health, mental health patients housed in the ER in a separate location where they can receive the proper care and treatment that they need as they await placement for other facilities. So we’re excited about that.”

   When the new Emergency Center opens, work will begin to convert the current ER for use of the new FQHC that has opened in the county. This is a Federally Qualified Health Center that can be a doctor’s office to people currently without a doctor, offering payment on a sliding scale based on income factors. 

  Upstairs in the new wing a new Women’sLifeCenterwill be replacing the Birthing Center that has served the county for the past 26 years. D’Alberto anticipates greatly expanded births at the local hospital as a result.

“What’s unique about the women’s center is that we are going to full L. D. R. rooms; Labor, delivery and recovery. And we’re going to have opportunity to expand our nursery from a Level One to a Level Two nursery some point in the future to take care of sicker babies. And, of course, it’s state of the art, from equipment to furniture, all the way around.”

       Again – the Ceremonies being at 12:30 this Sunday afternoon.