Not Happy With the Will

   Laurens County Sheriff’s Corporal Christy Johnson was dispatched to Cemetery Road, Ware Shoals yesterday morning to follow-up on an investigation regarding damage to a grave back on November 14th.  She received reports that a man who died in September had signed almost everything he owned to another man with the exception of a small portion that was given to his wife. At the cemetery, Corporal Johnson noted observing two head stones that appeared to have been knocked over by a vehicle, and tire tracks on top of the grave. The officer investigated reports of the wife being upset over her late husband’s will.

   Yesterday, 47-year-old Mary Louise Hovis of 34 Circle Street, Ware Shoals reportedly turned herself in to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and was served with a warrant charging her with Defacing or Vandalizing a Grave. A warrant accuses her of defacing and vandalizing a gravestone at 680 Cemetery Road, Ware Shoals on November 14th.  Ms. Hovis was released on a $25,000 Personal Recognizance Bond.