Man Charged with Assaulting Two Laurens Police Officers

    A Laurens area man has been charged with assaulting two Laurens City Police Officers while resisting arrest for an alleged domestic assault at a Laurens Motel. Police were dispatched to the motel room late Saturday night where a couple was living with their children after a call from a family member of the woman asking for a welfare check on her. The man reportedly refused to allow officers to talk with the woman outside his presence. Officer Paterson was reportedly keeping the subject inside the room while Sgt. Joey Pittman talked with his girlfriend. He had reportedly threatened to assault the woman, and allegedly did engage in wrestling with the officers, shoving one and kneeing the other in the altercation. 28-year-old Cory Blackwell, with a former address listed on Setzler Road is charged with Criminal Domestic Violence for the alleged threats on the woman with whom he has children. He is further charged with Two Counts of Resisting Arrest by assaulting police officers during his arrest at room 110 of the motel at 621 North Harper Street. He is accused of assaulting Officer Steven Paterson by shoving him in the chest while resisting a lawful arrest and of assaulting Sgt. Joey Pittman by kneeing him in the leg while resisting a lawful arrest at 621 North Harper Street on December 1st

  Bonds of $22,150 were set on three charges. Cory Blackwell remained in theJohnsonDetentionCenterthis morning.