No Charges from West Main Assault

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to 1605 West Main Street at 8:51 Saturday morning on a call from an anonymous man who said a woman had been assaulted at the address. Officers arrived to find an apparently intoxicated Gray Court man standing in front of the building who had scratch marks on his face. He said that he and “a girl” had gotten into a fight and “the girl” was now gone and he didn’t want to press charges. Checking inside the building, police observed broken glass thrown about the floor and a woman was in the bar cleaning, and appeared to be upset. She stated she and the man are girlfriend and boyfriend and that she was assaulted by him so she began hitting him, but she didn’t want to press charges. She didn’t show signs of injury. The man was then asked if he wanted to change his story, since the woman was still there. A witness then indicated observing the altercation, and said that the two had been having trouble since 5 am. The man was dismissed providing he would leave the premises.