Man Wanted for Robbery Hides Under a House

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to the corner of Fleming and North Harper at 7:22 yesterday morning on a report of a broken down vehicle in the roadway. On arrival, officers found a man who appeared to be putting gasoline in a 2005 dark blue Mazda SUV. The man reportedly indicated he had lost his drivers’ license, but a check on the records revealed he did have a clear license. However, the check also revealed that the City had a warrant for his arrest, charging him with Strong Armed Robbery. When they attempted to place him under arrest, he reportedly ran around the car and off into theLavonneShopping Center. As police pursued in a foot chase, the fleeing man reportedly ran into woods behind the shopping center, headed towardRiverside Street. A State Transport Police officer traveling nearby joined in the attempt to locate the man.

  Officers reportedly located the man hiding under an abandoned green house at the end ofRiverside Street, sitting under a corner of the structure. When commanded to come out, the man reportedly turned his back to officers. A Tazer was used, but did not bring the man out. He instead reportedly crawled behind some concrete. Police crawled under the house and reportedly had to physically restrain him to bring him under arrest. In checking for weapons, they reportedly found a green leafy substance wrapped in paper in the man’s pants.

 EMSwas called to check the man out following the arrest, and he was determined to be OK.

   44-year-old Henry Bluford Jr. of 32 Raintree Drive, Laurens was served with a warrant charging him with Strong Armed Robbery from an incident on Holmes Streetback on October 10th. In that document, Laurens Police Detective Leann Riggott states that on October 10th Henry Lee Bluford took a black handbag and its contents valued at approximately $175 from a Laurens woman by means of force and violence, during an incident in the 400 block ofHolmes Street. He allegedly grabbed the purse from the victim’s arm and pulled it off while stating to the victim that he would kill her.

  Following the foot chase with Patrolman Ryan Bolding and Lt. Heath Copeland, Henry Bluford Jr. was also charged with Resisting Arrest and with Simple Possession of Marijuana.

  The car, owned by a woman also of32 Raintree Drive, was towed from the scene. Police note that a male passenger in the car apparently left the vehicle while the police were involved in the foot chase with Mr. Bluford.