Top Ten Places to Hide from the Cops

Based on our news story this morning about the man arrested on Strong Armed Robbery Charges,  we’re inspired to think of several places where one might hide to avoid capture.

 #10… Under an Abandoned House on Riverside Street in Laurens

 #9 … Wherever they are storing the old “no zoning” signs. 

 #8 … I’d like to hide out some inside this beautiful burgundy Ram 1500 pickup out front here at Cooper Motors. I think that would be a comfortable, luxurious place to hang for a while, inside the roomy king cab.

 #7 … You could hide wherever the old Newt Gingrich Signs have been stored, after the June Primary, awaiting further use in a more enlightened day

 #6 …This time of the year, you could hide out under the bleachers at the Laurens County Speedway. Its off-season, no one would think to look there this time of year. 

 #5 …Inside one of the historical tunnels that stretches from the Octagon House all the way, under the Little River, up to the Historic Laurens County Courthouse. No one would think to look there. 

 #4 …Inside the “Made inAmerica” section of the Dollar Tree

 #3 …Under the rubble of a partially demolished tower from the old Lydia Mill.

 #2 …In the Sushi Bar at Hickory Hills BBQ

 # 1 …Inside the illusive WLBG van