Six Held for Narcotics Charges

  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office made multiple arrests yesterday in connection with another Methamphetamine investigation. They were being held for warrants from Narcotics Officers. Booked in the Johnson Detention Center were men and women between 22 and 43 years old. One of the subjects was served with charges from Laurens City Police. 26-year-old Artemis Rishod “Shod” Dendy from 261 Forrest Road,Clinton

was served with four charges from Laurens City Police. These included Attempt to Purchase Epheodrine. Detective Leann Riggott states that on October 17th Artemis Rishad Dendy attempted or conspired to obtain a quantity of nonprescription Ephedrine  totaling more than 9 grams in a thirty day period. This allegedly occurred at Walgreens onEast Main in Laurens.

Mr. Dendy was also served with three Bench Warrants from Laurens Municipal Court citing Shoplifting convictions in August and November and a Conspiracy to Shoplift conviction in October.