Grinch Strikes Hickory Tavern!

    The search continues for missing Christmas decorations from the Hickory Tavern Fire Department. Deputy Tonya Garrick was dispatched to the station at 73 Hickory Heights Drive at 5:33 yesterday morning. Volunteer Firefighters advised her that three inflatable decorations that had been on location when firefighters left at 12:45 yesterday morning were discovered missing when some returned at 4:50 am. Missing items were identified as an approximate 6-foot-tall inflatable snowman with lights, a 10-foot tall Micky Mouse wearing a Santa Suits with lights inside and a 10-foot-long by 6-foot tall Fire Truck with ladder on back that features Santa driving the truck and a globe on the back circled by moving penguins. These items were part of the decorations for the fire department’s annual Christmas Lights driving trail that’s a popular attraction each holiday season. Deputy Garrick was unable to distinguish any suspect foot or tire tracks from along the trail, observing there had been a lot of traffic on the trail anyway.

  We understand the Fire Department’s annual Country Christmas Event is scheduled for this Saturday morning. None of the actual holiday lights were noted as missing yesterday from the Hickory Tavern Main Fire Station.