Two Men Face Additional Charges

   A man, who was charged with two counts of forgery on December 4th for allegedly presenting forged checks twice in November, was served with two additional counts of forgery yesterday. Laurens City Police served the two additional forgery charges on 45-year-old Russell Vaughn “Rusty” Edmonds of 119 Madden Road, Clinton. In the additional warrants, Detective Leann Riggott states that Russell Edmonds forged the victim’s name on a $40 check presented to a bank on Church Street June 27th and on a $45 check presented at another bank location on West Main June 29th. Rusty Edmonds was to have arraignment on the additional charges today.


  A man arrested in October on drug charges and a Giving False Information charge was served with an additional drug charge yesterday. Laurens City Police 30-year-old Christopher DeWayne Montjoy of Laurens was charged yesterday with an illegal attempt to purchase Euphedrine. Detective Leann Riggott states that Montjoy attempted to purchase more than 9 grams in a thirty day period at Wal-Mart July 17th 2012.