Veterans Honored

  Today marks another anniversary of the date when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, bringing the United States into World War II. In anticipation of the date, the Laurens Rotary Club heard from Laurens County Veterans Affairs Director Carey Bolt at their regular Thursday meeting yesterday.

   Bolt explained his thoughts behind the “Hall of Heroes” program his office has coordinated in Laurens County since 2007. He talked of several Laurens County Veterans which he said illustrate a great record of service to the country from local folks. He told of how the “Hall of Heroes” gives an opportunity to formally tell the story of these great veterans each year.

  Carey Bolt noted that there are 5,012 veterans living inLaurens County. 1,452 of these veterans he termed as “unique veterans,” noting that means they have a serious injury from their service on behalf of the nation.

  Rotarians also heard from Billy Pitts, the organizer for Hospice of Laurens County’s annual “Flight of the Dove” event each August, about the “Ride to Recovery” program’s participation in the event. Starting with six veterans last year, the number grew to 20 this year, including one amputee veteran who rode a specially-designed bicycle for the entire 60 mile course through theLaurensCountycountryside, powering his bicycle with his hands.