Clinton Votes to Charge Fee for Credit & Debit Card Use

     If you pay the city of Clinton with a credit or debit card, you’re about to experience a slight increase. Clinton City Council approved changes in the way the city processes card transactions at their Friday meeting.  A part of those changes will result in customers being charged a card transaction fee of 1.7% of the payment amount plus one dollar.  The fees will apply to payments for utility bills and to municipal court.

  The result to the city’s bottom line is the elimination of card transaction fees which last year totaled $22,000.

    Clinton City Manager Frank Stovall asked the Mayor and City Council Friday to approve a resolution authorizing him to make some “fine tuning” adjustments to the latest city bond issue. He explained that the city’s bond attorneys had informed him of some recent change in rules from the Internal Revenue Service governing tax exempt bonds. Stovall told council he simply needed the authority to bring the city’s latest bond issue into compliance with those IRS rules. The resolution was approved by a unanimous vote.

    Clinton City Council voted unanimously during their meeting on Friday to accept the audit of the city’s finances for the fiscal year ending June 30th 2012.  McKinley-Cooper and Company prepared the audit and Ms. Toni McKinley told council that her firm had rendered a clean opinion.

   Ms. McKinley noted that while there had been progress in building the city’s reserve fund it was still not where it needed to be.  She encouraged the city to continue to work to build a stronger reserve fund.