A Clinton Center for the Performing Arts?

   Leadership in the City of Clinton has for some time expressed an interest is acquiring a center for the performing arts.  City Manager Frank Stovall presented council on Friday with an idea of utilizing a building that’s been hiding in plain sight.

  Stovall told council that discussions with architects familiar with this type of project have consistently produced an estimated cost of from 3 ½ to 10 million dollars.  He told council that he had brought no recommendations to them because the cost was simply prohibitive. But on Friday, Frank Stovall asked council for the authority to negotiate an agreement to use an existing structure:  the 200+ seat Gilliam Center on the campus of Thornwell Home for Children.

  He told council that the Gilliam Center has ADA compliant restrooms, lobby space, a working sound booth, both balcony and auditorium style seating and a large stage.  He said the building is seldom used currently and he believes it has tremendous potential as center for the performing arts.

  After their discussion, council unanimously approved the concept and authorized the City Manager to commence discussions with the leadership of Thornwell to seek an agreement to make the Gilliam Center the new center for the performing arts in Clinton.  Frank Stovall told council that he believed the negotiations would result in a win/win situation.