Top Ten Things that Should be Banned, Or at Least So Have Warning Labels

 #10… Bottles of Tequila should have a warning label suggested by a recent country music hit, stating ‘use can cause your clothes to fall off.’ Nobody wants to see that, Randy.

 #9 … Bottles of Bourbon should have warnings that overuse can cause you to do stupid things that hurt people, and cause you to wind up in jail. 

 #8 … All Golden Retriever Dogs should have a collar that warns against allowing them near a public roadway.   

 #7 … Rather than ban guns, what with the 2nd amendment and all, perhaps we should just have labels attached to all guns, saying “warning, may be hazardous if not property used.” Perhaps put an arrow where the bullet comes out saying “Do Not Point this at yourself or others.”

 #6 … Every automobile should have a label: “Caution, may cause severe injury or even death if improperly used.”  

 #5  …Cigarettes should have warning labels….er, oh yeah, they already do.  

 #4 …A Disposable Baby Diaper should have a warning – “Caution, hazardous to the environment if used as intended.”

 #3 …Tidy little signs should be placed in yards around here saying “Sleeping here can cause ill effects to your health.”

 #2 …Every brick that is manufactured should have a warning label: “Caution, may cause severe injury if this comes into contact with a human head at high velocity.”    

 # 1 …Frozen Hash – at least, warning labels should be applied to each container of frozen hash, nothing they can be a public hazard if used as projectiles during domestic altercations. So far, as much as we can tell, this only applies toLaurensCounty. However, it has potential to spread across the whole country.