Burglaries & Thefts Reported

   A Laurens woman reported thousands of dollars in damage to her TV and car from a former boyfriend who is the father of her child. The young woman told a Sheriff’s Deputy yesterday afternoon that the male subject has been on trespass notice for her residence. She said he arrived around 11 Monday night but was not welcome. She said they got into an argument and the man broke the screen on her TV. When she tried to call 911 he allegedly took her phone and threw it, causing it to break. He reportedly punched holes into her walls and kicked a door. She indicated he was hiding in the bushes around her house when she left yesterday morning, and that he broke out the windshield of her car. She was provided help in locating a safe play to stay. The man was not located during an initial search. Total value of damage was estimated at $2,700.


  An estimate of $6,145 will be required to repair and replace the theft and vandalism from a home on Fleming Mill Road, Laurens. A Sheriff’s report indicates that a heating and air conditioning unit valued at $4,000 was stolen from the residence in the 2000 address range from sometime after 3pm last Saturday. In addition, malicious damage was noted to the ceiling and walls of the residence. The damage was estimated at $2,145.


  An outside air conditioning unit and an A-frame to hold it were reported stolen from property onA driann Avenue,Gray Court yesterday afternoon. A man who keeps up with properties for the Bank of America said that sometime over the past ten months someone took the $6,000 air conditioning system from the property along with the $600 value frame that held it.










 A 48-inch LG TV valued at $400 was stolen from Hill Estate Road, Ware Shoals, according to a report to the LCSO just after noon yesterday. A woman said she left her residence at 7:50 yesterday morning, and returned at noon to find her television had been stolen from the living room, the back door had been forced open and her chest of drawers had been rambled through.


  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the 600 block of Little Acres Road,Clinton just before 4 yesterday afternoon on a report that an ATV 4-wheeler had been stolen. A man said that the ATV was present when he left the address at 9 yesterday morning. It was gone when he returned at 1:50 yesterday afternoon. Value of the 4-wheeler was estimated at $1,500.