City Council Contracts for Garbage Collection

   Garbage Collection was the main order of business last night as the Laurens County Council held its regular meeting for December. After coming out of executive session discussion of the garbage issue, council voted unanimously to approve the awarding of a five-year contract for household garbage pick up to Waste Industries of Douglasville Georgia.  This was in addition to approving Ordinance 11-11-02 in second reading. That measure allows citizens to “opt out” of paying the $11 monthly garbage collection fee, but requires they properly dispose of their garbage either themselves or by hiring someone to do that.

      Before going into session, time was allowed for public comment on ordinance 11-11-02 which gives city residents to opt out of the eleven dollars monthly fee for city trash service. City resident Henry Campbell brought to council’s attention possible negative results of this ordinance. He cited things like unsightly garbage piles, people using other people’s trash cans or dumping their trash on unoccupied property or into the dumpsters of stores or restaurants. Mayor Sharon Brownlee told Campbell that the council, too, had the same concerns, and that council, “Has thought of all these issues and we think we have addressed them.” No details on how they will be addressed were presented. The Mayor did, however, respond to questions regarding any increase in trash collection fees. “There will be no increase at this time,” was her response, which comes as contrast to a previous statement made at last month’s meeting that, “Private contractors generally charge significantly more than eleven dollars a month.”

     Brownlee said that residents will not notice any difference in the transition, other than receiving new carts.  The city will still provide all other curbside pickups such as leaves, branches, and discarded furniture.