Break-ins & Thefts

    Two shotguns and a pistol were reported stolen in a burglary on Bush River Road in the Kinards area of Laurens County sometime yesterday or early last night. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the location in the 2600 address range of Bush River Road at 10:42 last night to investigate a burglary which had reportedly occurred sometime since 9 yesterday morning. The theft was discovered around 10 last night. Value of the stolen firearms was set at $1,350.


  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched at 3:44 yesterday afternoon on a report of a possible break-in of a home in the 16,800 address range of Highway 101 South of Gray Court. A man reported he noticed a window screen was missing and a window appeared to be open on the house that he knew to be unoccupied in foreclosure.    

Deputy Jamie Lee Edwards observed clothing stacked inside the house, and noted an air conditioning unit was missing. He also found that a back screen door had been ripped off the hinges and the wooden door had a hole the size of a basketball. Sgt. Ron Wood assisted him in checking the house to be sure no one was inside. Deputies found that male and female clothing had apparently been taken from a closet and thrown around in the house. No appliances were found inside the house. The information was noted pending determination of who is the current owner of the house.