Top Ten Good Reasons to Own a Dog

  Randy has been working the Laurens County Animal Control officers to find homes for dogs. Today, I’m joining the effort.

 #10…We heard this reason this morning on the Local News. You can have the dogs run out of the house when the Police come to question you, then get permission to go get the dogs. As happened in this morning’s story, dogs can give you a great opportunity to escape the Po Po. (We give that women credit – While we can’t condone her actions, that was a very creative move.) 

 #9 …When everybody else seems to be dumping on you, Your dog will always be your friend. They can even love the unloveable.  

 #8 … When you have dogs in or around the house, you don’t have to worry about cats hanging around. No one appreciates cats like we love dogs. What a humane way to keep the cats away.

 #7 … As  guards. Dog have been known to bark loudly when strange people wander into your yard.

#6 …This may sound bad, Randy, but dogs have also been known to bark and scare away your friends. So when you’re up to something you don’t want your friends to know about, be sure your dog is on guard!


Dogs have been known to bark and scare your friends away, too; which can also be a good thing. 


#5  … If you don’t like motorcycles, keeping a dog in the front yard will scare the motorcycle riders away.  Just ask Randy. I understand Golden Retreivers are especially good for this.

 #4 …In these financially troubled times, when bill collectors keep coming around, who could ask for anything better than having a nice big German Sheppard in the front yard,.

And the picture of a bill collector with a Doberman attached to his leg is a heart warming scene. It can be as cheerful to the soul as a Christmas dinner, or a summer day at EkomBeach. 

 #3 …Who among us has not stopped by one of our department stores and picked up a pair of clip-on reindeer antlers. If you can get your dog to wear it, you’ve got your own reindeer for the holidays. You’ve made Christmas! Now, if you could just get him to wear that red nose attachment, all would be complete. I suggest you stuff the battery for the nose into the collar, or maybe in the dog’s ear. Our research shows that most dogs will not tolerate having Triple A batteries stuffed up their nose. 

 #2 …Who doesn’t need a dog around when you have school children. The dog provides the essential excuses your kids need frequently, so they can say “the dog ate my homework.” This is as important as the constitutional right not to incriminate oneself.

 # 1 …Dogs keep us from being wasteful. Dogs are good for recycling left over food, even 14-day-old turkey that causes your stomach to turn, just to see it.  And besides, who among us has not had times when you were eating something that was tasted absolutely horrible. With a dog handy, it’s easy to slip those morsels under the table and the evidence is gone! No one needs to be offended. Waste not, want not; that’s my motto.