Alcohol May Have Been Involved

   The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Koalin Drive, Ware Shoals at 1:29 this morning on a report of a woman being intoxicated and disorderly and refusing to leave. Deputy Steven Sweat reports arriving to find a 54-year-old Hodges woman sitting in a vehicle, who said she was there to pick up her daughter. The 22-year-old daughter then reportedly came staggering towards her mother’s vehicle speaking in a loud voice and saying nothing was going on and she didn’t know what law enforcement was called. She was advised to calm down and sit in her mother’s car. An investigation reportedly revealed the young woman had an argument with a 21-year-old man from that location, and he had reportedly kicked a dent into her car out of anger. It appeared both had been disorderly prior to the officer’s arrival.  The man agreed to pay for damages to the woman’s car, estimated at $1,000.  A report was to be filed with further legal action possible.