Extra Arrest During Drug Suspect Apprehension

   Laurens City Police went to 205 Clary Street, Laurens at 2:02 yesterday afternoon to serve a warrant on a man charging him with attempting to obtain illegal amounts of Ephedrine from an East Main pharmacy. The suspect had last been seen at the pharmacy. As Patrolman Issac Shipman drove up to the Clary Street address, he noted observing a woman getting out of a vehicle, which also reportedly contained the subject being sought. The officer notes he smelled marijuana from the car, and investigated to locate marijuana in a black and gray film tube inside the purse of the woman, who had been driving the car.

  Meanwhile, the man being sought was placed under arrest. 39-year-old Edgar Dennis Benton was booked in the Johnson Detention Center, noting an address of 281 Pineland Shores, Cross Hill. He was served with a warrant charging Conspiracy or Attempt to Purchase Drugs illegally. Detective Leann Riggott states that Dennis Benton attempted or conspired to obtain a quantity of nonprescription Ephedrine products totaling more than nine grams in a thirty-day period. This allegedly happened at Walgreens at 814 East Main on November 16th 2012. Dennis Benton was later released from the Johnson Detention Center on a $465 personal recognizance bond.

  Meanwhile, the driver of the car, a 39-year-old woman from New Bedford,Massachusetts, was also booked in theJohnsonDetentionCenter, charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana.