Assault by Machete

   Laurens City Police were dispatched to an apartment on Pinehaven Street at two minutes until 7 last night on a report of a subject attacking one individual and threatening another person with a machete. Officers arrived to find the subject standing outside his apartment with his hands up. They placed him in custody, noting the smell of alcohol on his breath.

  Officers heard from the man’s girlfriend, a woman who lives with the man in the apartment, who indicated he had been drinking all day and gets violent when he drinks. He allegedly came home and got into an argument with her, and threw her to the floor and began choking her with both hands. She screamed for help, and the man reportedly got his machete and went outside. Another woman who lives nearby came out of her apartment after the screams for help and was reportedly met with the man wielding a machete. Officers reportedly found the machete in a living room closet.

   Officers arrested 36-year-old Terrance Lorenzo Suber, also known as “T-Mac,” of Apartment 47, 495 Pinehaven Street. He was being held for charges in warrants of  Criminal Domestic Violence for the alleged assault on his girlfriend and 1st Degree Assault allegedly threatening the other woman with the machete. Terrance Suber was being held in theJohnsonDetentionCenter.