PC Instructor Named to Assembly

   Assistant Professor of English at Presbyterian College, Dr. Molly McGehee, has been elected as a regional delegate to the Modern Language Association Assembly, known as M.L.A.

  Dr. McGehee says she is looking forward to meeting and learning from the many other professionals she will meet during her three-year term. “As a delegate, I will focus my energy on helping to generate richer and more frequent conversations within MLA regarding pedagogy and undergraduate curriculum development, the value and practice of incorporating one’s research into one’s teaching (and vice versa), and the process of preparing undergraduates for graduate-level work,” McGehee says.

 “My hope is that a focus on such issues will allow for a stronger defense of the humanities in a period of economic crisis, while also allowing all of us to reflect more deliberately on why and how we do what we do.”

  PC’s Interim Provost, Anita Gustafson, expresses that this is an honor both for McGehee and for Presbyterian College (PC).

   “Dr. Molly McGehee joined the faculty at PC in 2008 and made an impact from the time she arrived.. She has built a very popular and rigorous Southern Studies Program and has earned a reputation as a challenging and student-centered professor. She is a highly-regarded scholar, publishing on a variety of topics related to Southern literature. We are proud that Molly has been selected as a delegate to the Modern Language Association.”