Man, Stabbed in Back, Blames a Stranger

  A Laurens man was being treated for a stab wound to his back early this morning, after an argument with his girlfriend. Laurens City Police Officer Steven Paterson was dispatched to the Laurens County Hospital Emergency Room at 12:56 this morning after the 28-year-old man came in for treatment of a stab wound to his back. The man reportedly stated that he had gone out to his vehicle to sleep because he and his girlfriend had been arguing. He said that an unknown man in the 25 to 30 age range approached him and asked for a cigarette. He said as he turned to get back into his truck, he felt the stranger hit him on his back. He then checked and found he had been stabbed.

He told the officer that he then went back into his apartment and he and his girlfriend came to the hospital. The man was going to be released after receiving staples to the stab injury to his back.