Woman Claims Jockey-Lot Friend Assault

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to an apartment on the west side of town at 12:34 yesterday afternoon and met a 49-year-old Laurens woman who claimed she had been assaulted by a friend. She said the friend is someone who usually goes with her to jockey lot, and that he came by her apartment asking for items to take to the jockey lot for sale.

She alleged that she had been in the kitchen cooking, and that she walked back into the living room, where her friend grabbed her around the neck and pushed her up against the wall. She said he then grabbed her around the wrist and held her against the wall. Sgt. David Brewer noted she had a red mark on her neck, but that it did not appear to have come from the action alleged in her story. Neighbors did not confirm hearing any altercation during the time period. Meanwhile, she changed her mind and said she didn’t want to prosecute her friend for the alleged assault, but did want a no trespass notice placed on him. When the man was contacted by phone, he confirmed he came to the residence and they spoke about selling her television but that no altercation took place. In fact, he said, she had invited him to come around seven last night. The man did come by the police station at police request and was served with a no trespass notice.