A Case of Unusual Affection?

   The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Madden Road near Clinton at 2:10 Saturday morning on a report of a vehicle being taken without the owners consent. A man said that a younger woman with him as his girlfriend, and that he was attempting to go to sleep on a couch around 1 am when the woman came and lay down on the couch with him, and began to hug on him as they lay together. He said he thought this was strange as she had never been affectionate before. He said that as she continued to hug on him he could feel her reaching her hand around and attempting to get his wallet out of his back pants pocket. He said he pushed the wallet back into his pants several times but she kept trying to pull it out. The man could not explain how the woman got $45 from his pocket, reportedly telling conflicting versions of the event. The woman reportedly took another man from the Clinton location to the other man’s house on Highway 221, using theClintonman’s car.  Meanwhile, the woman called and talked with deputies, saying she had the car. She said she didn’t take any money and had permission to take the car. The vehicle was recovered without damage. Charges in the case were still pending, perhaps in an attempt to determine what really happened.