Second Offense CDV

   2nd Offense Domestic Violence charges were filed from an incident earlier this month after Clinton Department of Public Safety arrested a local man  on a traffic charge late Saturday night. 25-year-old Robert Lee Jones Jr. of 1224 South Bell Street, Clinton was charged with Driving under the Influence at 10:55 Saturday night on South Bell Street. Warrants were later served regarding alleged activities on December 6th, charging him with Criminal Domestic Violence 2nd Offense and with Petit Larceny. Jones is accused of hitting the victim in the facial area with a closed fist several times at a South Bell Street address. A warrant notes he and the victim have dated and co-habitated for several years. Another warrant states that Robert Lee Jones Jr. took away a set of keys that included keys to the domestic violence victim’s house and car, with intent to deprive her of said property. 

  During arraignment this weekend, a cash or surety bond was set at $15,000 on the 2nd Offense Criminal Domestic Violence charge. Personal Recognizance bonds included $2,114 on the DUI and $500 on the Petit Larceny charge. Robert Lee Jones Jr. was placed in theJohnsonDetentionCenter Sunday, and remained there earlier today.