Teen Female Faints after Smoking a Joint?

   Laurens Police and EMS were called to a Laurens City residence in the early morning hours after a 17-year-old Laurens female reportedly fainted after consumption of marijuana. Laurens County Deputy Sheriff Tonya Garrick was called in on the case at 1:15 this morning after it was determined the juvenile had consumed about one beer then the marijuana at a location outside the city limits. A woman advised officers that the 17-year-old was supposed to be at a friend’s house, but that she had received a phone call that she was at another address outside Laurens acting abnormally. A friend had advised that after the juvenile had consumed the marijuana she turned pale then fainted prompting the call to the juvenile’s home.EMSresponded to the Laurens residence and advised officers of the juvenile’s unusual blood pressure and heart rate, but was not being taken to the hospital. The woman advised the daughter had consumed marijuana before but not with this reaction, so there was speculation the marijuana may have been laced with some other substance. The deputy noted that due to a lack of cooperation in identifying a man who allegedly provided the beer and marijuana to the girl, there would be no prosecution in the case at this point.