It Was a Very Bad Year for Driving

    According to the statistics from the State Department of Public Safety, Laurens County’s highway death toll, with just one day to go in 2012, stood at 23 fatalities as of midnight Sunday night. That’s up significantly from just 15 in 2011 and 14 at the same point in 2010. The 23 deaths as of December 30th, 2012 is even up from the recent record of 21 Laurens County fatalities set with one day to go in 2009.

  Five of our eight neighboring counties also had a higher death toll on the highways one day short of the end of 2012. Greenville County was up to 63 from 54 fatalities in 2011’ Spartanburg ended the year with 48 fatalities, up from 43; Anderson rose to 45 from 43; Saluda County went up to 7 from 4 the previous year and Newberry County had 12 fatalities in 2012, up from 9 the previous year as of December 30th.

  Our other three neighboring counties had one fewer fatalities on highways at this late point in 2012 that in 2011. Greenwood County ended the year with 10 fatalities, which is down one from 2011; Abbeville and Union Counties were also down from the previous year by one less fatality, Abbeville down to 3 and Union down to just 1 fatality in 2012.

  South Carolina Department of Public Safety announced two people died on state roads this past weekend, as of midnight Sunday.  As of that time, with one day to go in the year, 830 people had died on South Carolina highways, up three from the same date last year.

    Through midnight December 30, 555 motor vehicle occupants, 115 pedestrians, 109 motorcyclist and 13 bicyclists have died on state roads and highways.