Trouble with the In-Law Reported

    Trouble with the in-laws was reported to the Laurens County Sheriff’s office by a Gray Court area man late yesterday morning. He told Deputy Summers that he had gone to check on a vehicle he didn’t know parked by his father-in-law’s residence, which is rented from the man and his wife. He was told to leave, which he did. When the wife heard of the comments she reportedly went to speak with her father about them. The man then said he heard the wife yell out and he went to investigate, finding her on the ground with her father on top of her. The father reportedly said he’s been having trouble with his daughter and her husband for some time. He alleged the daughter had hit him with a rock. The father had a knot on his head, his daughter reportedly had a broken lip and was complaining of pain around her ribs.EMSchecked her out, but she declined transport at the time. Charges were pending in the case.