Laurens Man Recovering from Burns

A Laurens man is in recovery for serious burn injuries earlier this week. Benny Spires of Sumter Street was out in his workshop Monday afternoon when the mishap happened. His son, Coach Tommy Spires, told WLBG that his Dad was reaching some an item in his shop and his clothing came in contact with the flame from a propane gas heater he uses to heat the workshop, and the clothing burst into flames. Mr. Spires was home alone at the time, his wife was with other family members attending a funeral. Tommy Spires said he Dad was eventually able to get the flames extinguished and called 911 for help. He had more serious injury to his back. Benny Spires is in recovery at the Augusta, Georgia burn center.

Coach Tommy Spires said he appreciates all the prayers folks have been offering on behalf of his father. The Sanders Middle School Basketball Coach asks for continued prayers from the community for his father.