Local Officials Take Oath of Office

Seven Laurens County Officials who were re-elected this past November took the oath of office for new terms yesterday during ceremonies in Laurens.

Taking the oath of office for county-wide positions yesterday were Clerk of Court Lynn Lancaster, Coroner Nick Nichols and Sheriff Ricky Chastain.

Sheriff Chastain had these comments for WLBG News on entering his 4th term:”Well we’re certainly looking forward to 2013, and a new year, sworn in. I think we’ve got a lot of plans for the Sheriff’s Office to continue moving it forward. And just hope to see Laurens County prosper, and we hope to be a part of that, solution to help it do that.”

Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols expressed his interest in serving the people of Laurens County in a forth term as Coroner…”…doing the best that we can do with what we have to do with, as far as materials, monies, personnel….and hopefully council will give me some more money for personnel and vehicles. And again, my heart is in my job and I look forward to servicing the people as coroner and of serving as Laurens County Coroner for the next four years.”

We also asked Clerk of Court Lynn Lancaster for her thoughts on the challenges ahead for her office:”I think it’s going to be pretty challenging. I’m looking forward to working with the new solicitor and the Sheriff….Hopefully, we can move a lot of cases and the case (load) can come down some.”

Three of the four members re-elected to County Council were on hand. Diane Anderson from Seat Six was joined by David Pitts from Council District 7 and Joe Wood of County Council Seat 2.

Mrs. Anderson was joined by family members for a group photo as an extended part of her oath of office. She was re-elected without opposition this past year. Councilman Ed McDaniel was not able to attend, but is to receive the oath before the next upcoming council meeting.

Councilman Joe Wood of District 2 won a contested race for his 4th term. After the oath yesterday, we asked for his goals:

“Just continue what we’re doing now – economic development – and never forgetting who we work for, the citizens of Laurens County….The people that pay the taxes.”

Wood’s first term years ago was to fill the remaining two years of Mike Pitt’s term, after Pitts won election to the State House.

Two years ago, David Pitts of Clinton won a special election to fill the remaining two years of David Tribble’s term, after he was elected to the State House. Prior to taking the oath for his first four-year term yesterday, we asked David Pitts about his objectives on council in the years ahead:

“Well I’m certainly looking forward to working with other members of council moving Laurens County forward. Laurens County is on the move, just as you’ve heard our chairman say time and time again. Economic development is a forefront of mine,

as well as trying to provide, both in my current work with the School District and with the County, making sure that every graduating senior from Laurens County has an opportunity to go on to some kind of further education, that’s another one of my goals.”

Councilman Ed McDaniel was unable to attend yesterday’s ceremony. He is to take the oath prior to the next meeting of council.

The elected officials were not the only people taking the oath of office yesterday. A massive group of Laurens County Sheriff’s Officers were led in an extended Oath of Office by Sheriff Ricky Chastain yesterday.